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Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked Questions at Indian Acres of Chesapeake Bay.

Where is your camping resort located?

Our campground is located in Cecil County, Maryland on the Eastern Shore. The property is divided into nine glen areas which are sub-divided into equal sized lots. See the Campground map on this web page  for more details. Click here for Directions.to the Indian Acres entrance.

Are Golf Carts Allowed?

Golf Carts are allowed at the facility. The regulations for Golf carts include that they must be operated by a licensed driver, properly insured, and have the necessary markings. The full set of golf cart regulations can be found HERE. Motorbikes and powered scooters are not permitted,

What do I do if I want to improve my campsite?

All campsite improvements must be approved through the Campground Business Office in writing. Building permits are issued by the Cecil County Department of Licenses and Inspections.

Can outside contractors work at my site?

Campsite improvements can be made by outside contractors. The contractors need to be licensed and properly insured. A signed and completed certificate of insurance [COI] needs to be filed with the office in advance of the contractor entering the campground. The COI forms are available by contacting the office.

What utilities are available at Indian Acres camping resort?

All campsites are equipped with water and electricity. Water is turned off to all campsites during the winter months. Dumping stations are available for waste disposal.

What are your annual fees?

The annual fees for 2024 is $2,080 per lot.

What about property taxes?

Taxes are based on the tax rate of Cecil County, MD. Taxes are to be paid to the Cecil County Treasurer.

How do I access Official Campground Regulations filed with the County?

Official Campground Regulations are attached to each owners deed and have been officially filed with the County. To see the official county regulations document go to the Official Campground Regulations lower down on this web page and click on the “View Regulations” button.

Is access to the campground controlled?

Access to the campground is controlled by gated entrance. Only owners and their registered guests are permitted to enter the campgrounds.

What about waste disposal?

Campsites do not include sewer hookups and Owners are responsible for waste and garbage being deposited in the appropriate dumpsters and dump stations at the campground.

Is there access to clean water and bath houses?

Water and power is provided at each campsite. Water services to each campsite are shutoff during the winter months. Indian Acres includes access to public bath houses which are maintained and cleaned daily at each area.

What about Water Quality At Indian Acres?

We work hard to maintain a dependable and safe water supply for you and your family. In order to maintain a dependable and safe water supply at our campground, we sometimes need to make improvements that will benefit all of our camping resort customers. These campground improvements are sometimes reflected in annual dues adjustments. Thank you for understanding.

We at Indian Acres of Chesapeake Bay work constantly to provide a top quality water supply to each campsite. We ask that all our campsite owners help us conserve and protect our water sources in order to provide a sanitary and plentiful water supply for our campground in the future.

Our camping resort’s most recent water quality report is available at the Campground Business Office. Please feel free to stop by to pick up your copy.

What is at the administration building?

The site includes a store located in the administration building that is open and can be reached by phone during daytime hours in the summer. The administration building also includes a game room for young children.

Official Campground Regulations

Official Campground Regulations are attached to each owners deed and filed with the county