November 29 announcement:

Good Morning Funstead Owners,

We are upgrading our Indian Acres Website and implementing a process to send out e-mail announcements. The emails will be sent to Funsted owners who have provided the front office with their email addresses. Please pass the word to other owners and ask them to send an email to requesting to be added to the email announcement list. The email should contain their name, glen and lot and billing address.

In this announcement, we would like to clear up a misunderstanding that seems to be floating around.

Outlined below are some points of interest trying to clear up any miscommunication you might have heard about the UNTRUE Re-Zoning of Indian Acres and make it easy to understand as this is sometimes confusing dealing with a County Code issue and the language used.

We hope this e-mail clears up the confusion and starts the process of Queens Point Management showing our interest and commitment to the Campground.


Queens Point RV Resort and Campground

November 27 announcement:

Dear Funstead Owners:

Please allow me to introduce Queens Point RV & Resort Campground, LLC. Indian Acres Club of Chesapeake Bay, Inc. has chosen Queens Point as the new management compnay for Indian Acres of Chesapeake Bay.

Beginning November 29, 2016, Queens Point will provide full management services to maintain and improve Indian Acres of Chesapeake Bay.  Please continue to use your current payment coupons and mail payments to the regular address for Indian Acres Club.  Payments should continue to be made payable to Indian Acres Club.  No increases are being made to your current memberhip dues.

There have been many rumors spread throughout the campground that Queens Point is up to sinister activities.  The most recent rumor is that the "new owners" are going to take away each Funstead owner's lot.  This is simply not true.  As a Funstead owner in Indian Acres, you have purchased a deed which grants you ownership of your lot.  This means that your lot can not be taken away from you and we have no interest in doing so.  It is the individual Funstead owners that make Indian Acres such a special place, and Queens Point is here to continue that tradition, not take it away.  Another rumor is that the nature of the campground is changing.  This is simply not true.  You will see over the coming months many of the same faces you regularly see working at the campground.

We trust you will find that the experience at Indian Acres will remain a positive one with a focus on family-oriented fun.  Queens Point also aims to improve your experience at Indian Acres by taking on beautification projects and other improvements.  Queens Point takes seriously the responsibility of maintaining and improving the unique community that is Indian Acres.  If any funstead owner has questions or concerns, please contact the main office so that we can find a solution that improves your experience in the campgound.

We appreciate your understanding during this transition period. and we look forward to working together to improve Indian Acres of Chesapeake Bay.

Very Truly Yours,

Linda McLaughlin, Office Manager

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